Just finish watching this new movie! Totally worth the wait ~<3 it’s so cute. Ugh!

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this one was really fun??? really fun


30 day anime challenge with rileyleebegin

Day 3: Favorite male anime character 

Simon the digger! 


More of that little witch girl. Magic won’t solve all of your problems, but it will solve most of them!

no. 1 of top 5 favourite inuyasha characters: inuyasha

I live my life like I’ve been raised by wolves,
You already know I’m a f*cking animal 


mandatory transparent weebs


This weekend, Japan was slammed with on heaviest snowfall from one storm since January 1994. Tokyo received 8.7 inches, with Matsumoto getting buried with the heaviest amount at over 19 inches. Amongst all the disruptions, social media users found themselves being amused by a TV interview in which a young man embarrassed his girlfriend with a bit to TMI.

Here, the young man told the interviewer that he enjoys being together with a loved one during a snow storm… which prompted a hit of blushing and a whole lot of tribute art.


via Crunchyroll

P.S: That thing become Japan’s meme now..

We’re gonna miss all of you, guys. We’ll always be hearing your roar, hope you hear ours too.

☆  Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger  



"My name is Ilse Langnar. I’m part of the 34th Out of Walls Expedition. I won’t make it back to town alive. It’s pretty much hopeless. I shall fight to the bitter end, even if it means i must lay down my life."

megan as ilse lagnar from attack on titan at animenext 2014!
photography @ www.nancymcnelly.com


in the beginning I was like

awwwww kaneki~

but now i’m like

O H  K A N E K I ~


Who is that inside of me?